Flat Roof Inspections with Infrared Gun

Curb Appeal Construction uses a cutting edge technique to diagnose unseen damage in existing flat roof installations.

Our FLIR gun and engineering team are an invaluable asset to our customers.

The use of a infrared gun to diagnose unseen damage in a flat roof is an example of how we stay a step ahead of the rest when it comes to the latest innovations in commercial roofing.

We have implemented the FLIR gun to assist business owners in showing water damage under the existing roofing material even though there appears to be no visible damage.

Without a FLIR inspection you may not know if you have:

  • Ruined insulation
  • Corrosion
  • Weakened decking
  • Mold growth

All of these conditions can lead to structural collapse.


Here are some flir images where we found it proved to be invaluable for showing evidence of water damage under the existing roofing material to insurance companies even when insurance companies initial report showed “no damages”.